We are committed to regenerative operating principles and implementing sustainable practices throughout the company. It’s a continuous process that includes establishing baseline data, improving performance, measuring results and resetting goals to lower impacts using context-based sustainability as our framework. We’re working toward zero waste, reducing our carbon footprint and expanding our organic offerings; reflecting our efforts in support of fostering a circular economy.


We believe in supporting the individuals and organizations that are contributing to the common good of our community. The social fabric that holds the Springs together is a key priority for Kangaroo Coffee and our business has a fundamental responsibility to actively engage with this sector as we pursue our shared missions. It’s why we selectively identify causes with our stakeholders that address significant issues and yield highest impacts. These organizations include the Colorado Institute for Social Impact, Trails and Open Space Coalition, All Breed Rescue & Training and Blackbird Outreach.


We champion the fundamentals that drive local living economies by sourcing our products and services, whenever possible, from local and sustainably based social enterprises and small businesses. It’s why, for example, we selected Graffi-Tees to supply our merchandise, Organic Bliss and the Sourdough Boulangerie for our artisan pastries, and Best Way Disposal for our recycling.


Administrative Office:
720 South 8th Street
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 388-0150