to keep you hoppin’

Getting started is easy

Earn points and get Roowarded in a few easy steps.

Get the App

Install the Clover App on your mobile phone and create an account.

Find us

Search for Kangaroo Coffee in the Clover app and “Check In” when at any one of our five locations.

Place Your Order

Let your Barista know you are a Roowards member and place your order. Your points will be added to your account on the app!


Earn and redeem your Roowards for free drinks and food. Roowards start with as little as 50 points!

Free Hot Brewed Coffee or Tea

Enjoy a hot cup of our delcious blends, single origin brews, or teas.

Free Bagel*, Cookie or Scone

Enjoy a delicious bagel or treat yourself! and indulge with an organic scone or cookie. And no worries, calories don't count when it's free.

*Bagels available only at our Coffee House and Cafes.

Free Speciality Bread

Our decadent breads are 100% organic and delicious.

Free Signature Drink

Wow, a free Avalanche? Go ahead, you've earned it.

Free Regular Burrito - Lorenzo's

Did you skip a meal and are feeling a little hangry? Grab a Lorenzo's burrito.

Free Premium Burrito - Bonfire

Grab a free, large premium burrito from Bonfire Burrito*.

*Bonfire Burritos available only at our Coffee House and Cafes.


Get the Roo Card and enjoy the convience of pre-loading your card for future purchases and boost your points earning power with a 5% bonus!

5% Bonus

Add $25 or more to your ROO CARD and receive a 5% bonus. For example, pre-load your card with $50 and we’ll make it $52.50. That’s free money to start earning those points faster!


Purchase the ROO TUMBLER and you’ll get a free drink right away. Keep bringing it back and you’ll get 25 cents off all future purchases.

Do you already have a tumbler that you love, covered with the favorite stickers of your travels? No worries. Bring it, and we’ll give you 10 cents off all future purchases.