Your favorite Kangaroo Coffee beans, blends, tumblers, and mugs, delivered to your doorstep.

Hop to the Shop

Hoppin' at Home

Your favorite Kangaroo Coffee beans, blends, tumblers, and mugs, delivered to your doorstep.

Our Commitment

Every day, for each of you, in the place we call home, we serve delicious organic coffee, espresso, teas, smoothies and artisan baked goods. Delivered with a personal connection, guided by sustainable principles and practices, and inspired by a commitment to the local community.

Always with one simple goal in mind:
To keep you hoppin’ and smiling throughout the day.

Our Community

At Kangaroo Coffee, we understand what makes Southern Colorado so special. It’s the individuals and institutions that serve, educate and protect our community. The not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises and local businesses that create a positive impact. And it’s the beautiful environment that makes this a healthy and vibrant place to live, work and play.

Our Coffee

Our unique blend of medium and dark roast organic coffee yields a smooth yet strong, rich flavor that tastefully distinguishes itself. The beans are thoughtfully sourced from Central America coffee growing co-ops primarily based in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. If your preference is Kanga Brew drip coffee or one of our Kangaroo Specialty Drinks, we’re confident you’ll appreciate the way the beans are artfully roasted to bring out the best in each and every coffee drink we serve.

Our Connections

Being connected to the community is a guiding principle for Kangaroo Coffee. It’s why we actively engage with organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals who contribute to the well-being of our neighborhoods.  Whether it’s collaborating with our strategic community partners, supporting our healthcare workforce or promoting fellow local entrepreneurs; we’re always thinking about ways to demonstrate our commitment to the place we call home. And now, in addition to our original five locations in the Springs, you can stop in at our newest coffee house in historic Trinidad, the City of Champions! As we like so say: coffee, community, conversation!