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Kangaroo Coffee donates to local school

Here at Kangaroo Coffee we have created The Kangaroo Cares program in order to give back to the community. It brings us great joy knowing we can enrich the lives of others in our community through our business. Every quarter we make a donation to an  organization. This quarter we are donating $400 to the Ruth Washburn Cooperative Nursery School (RWCNS).

Ruth Washburn Nursery School is unique in that it is a “non-profit organization organized as a cooperative, in the belief that it’s educational aims can best be accomplished with the active presence of parents within the school. Parents assist in the classroom and take responsibility for the maintenance, governance, and financial wellbeing of the school, while the school, in turn, provides opportunities for parent education and support. This blending of school and family life eases the child’s transition to the world beyond the family and creates a cooperative community dedicated to providing the richest, most caring environment possible for children” (RWCNS mission).

Kangaroo Coffee finds inspiration on where to donate our money in various ways. I found my inspiration for this particular donation through the band, “Safetysuit.” I am always searching for inspiration in my personal life and ways in which to expand my horizons. On this one particular evening, I found myself in a new and different environment with friends. A touring band began to play, and I slowly became transfixed by their words and performance.  Doug Brown, the lead singer, explained how his band was donating money from this tour to Camp Sunshine, a program that provides support to children with life-threatening illnesses, I went online and donated $100 to Camp Sunshine right away.

Safetysuit’s cause made me realize that I wanted to focus on children this quarter, and ongoing support.  Ensuring proper development of our children is so important and how better to impact our community than to educate our children in a way that helps them grow into beautiful adults. For more information on the Kangaroo Cares program please visit our webpage at http://www.kangaroocoffeellc.com/cares. You can also follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kangaroo-Coffee/.  


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