Kangaroo Coffee is a family owned business opened in 2011. It is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We are passionate about our coffee and about our community. Realizing there were not enough places where we could get excellent coffee while on the go, we decided to open our own drive-through coffee stand. But we did not want it to be just any coffee stand. We had a vision of making a difference in people’s lives one greeting at a time, connecting with one person at a time within our community, This business is an avenue toward making that possible. It is also our opportunity to share exceptional coffee with our community.

 We are dedicated to providing high quality coffee with the finest beans from around the world. We have roasted and hand blended our own varietal coffee in small batches to guarantee freshness. The goal is to provide unparalleled flavor to our customers.

This business was formed because of the generosity and faith of people who believe that Kangaroo Coffee can and will make a difference. We are dedicated to this philosophy and have created various programs that give back, one hope at a time… one being the Kangaroo Coffee Cares Foundation.


434 W Fillmore & 720 S 8th St

Colorado Springs, CO.

719-373-9230 (fillmore) & 719-291-6663 (8th st)


Mondays - Fridays 5:00 AM - 10 PM

Saturdays 6:00 AM - 10 PM

Sundays 6:00AM - 10 PM


The folks at KC are super friendly and quick, quick, quick. They pay attention to the details--all the way down to remembering to make eye contact and smile. Love it!

-Dianna Gay